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Built from our decades of first-hand experience with bars & nightclubs, we've examined every single part of the liquor inventory process.

FLOW is the culmination of our work.
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Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Chanj is here.

Now available on iPhone.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is FLOW really free?Yes, you heard right. FLOW is completely free to take monthly inventory on as many items as you have.
  • How long will FLOW be free?The core inventory process will remain free, forever. During this promotional launch phase, you may take inventory as many times as you like. Once we implement subscriptions, free accounts will be limited to one inventory submission per month. There will never be a limit on the number of areas, sections, or bottles you may have per venue.
  • How are you offering free plans?Chanj received a grant of $100k from Google Cloud Platform for Startups, so our infrastructure costs are basically free for a year. We are passing this benefit directly to you. Paid subscriptions that contain advanced functionality at an affordable price will be available in the near future. We've setup our technical infrastructure in a way to ensure our free plan will remain free, forever, even long after our $100k in resources have been fully depleted.
  • Why beautiful imagery?Every one of our thousands of bottle images is hand-crafted with pixel-point accuracy by a member of our design team. Conducting inventory through a mobile device in a graphical manner requires a level of insight that is much higher than vendor-supplied clipart or user-uploaded photos. Regardless of others' accuracy claims, the only way to take a truly accurate inventory is to implement truly accurate imagery.
  • How accurate are fill levels?We care so much about fill level accuracy, and take measurements very seriously. FLOW is the most accurate graphical liquor inventory system in the App Store. However, this won't stop us from continuing to develop our succeeding recipe: a next-generation, advanced, proprietary method which makes fill levels on par with scale systems (without the necessary labor or time commitments). Stay tuned.
  • How do I complete inventory?Return to the main inventory screen, and tap Complete on the bottom right of the screen. This will complete your current inventory period, and reset all fill levels for your next inventory period.
  • How can I retrieve my inventory report?After you complete an inventory period, an industry-standard comma-delimited file (CSV) is automatically sent to the email address on record within a few seconds. You may also visit the Reports tab to email a past or present inventory cycle to any other email address.
  • How do I delete something?Press and hold on the area, section or item that you wish to delete, then confirm the deleted property within the dialog prompt.
  • Do you have an admin console?No. Having a separate admin console usually requires you to login to another website from a non-mobile device. We have found that having all of your data within the app, at your fingertips, provides a more painless & pleasant user experience.
  • Which devices do you support?All iPhones currently supported by Apple (4S/5/5S/6/6+/6S/6S+) on iOS 9.0 or higher are supported. We'll be delivering versions of our app for iPad & Android in the near future.
  • When will subscriptions arrive?Paid subscriptions will arrive in Q2 2016. Until they arrive, all implemented features will remain free to all users.
  • What will subscriptions include?Subscriptions will include advanced reporting & analytics, purchase order management, granular user-access controls & management, as well as some other neat things we don't want to tell anyone about yet ;) Download FLOW and register for free, and we'll keep you abreast with all of our latest updates.
  • How much will subscriptions cost?Our free plan will remain free, forever. Paid subscriptions will be available as an In-App Purchase and start at $99/month. We're still working out specifics, but just about all general functionality will be available in this plan. Enterprise-level support for multi-venue chains will start at $299/month/venue.
  • Why bars & nightclubs?We aren't just a tech company trying to make an app. We have decades of experience working at, managing, and running bars & nightclubs of various sizes, from small around-the-corner bars to multi-venue nightclubs. We know the pain you are experiencing first-hand. And we're sick of scales and Excel.
  • I have more questions?!You may send us a message from the Contact page, email us directly at, or tweet us @chanjllc. It's not hard to get a hold of us. We don't bite. We actually kinda love you.
  • Where can I download FLOW?Chanj FLOW is available for download in the App Store.
Chanj has received $100k from Google Cloud Platform for Startups.
We're using this to bring you the best liquor inventory app. For free.